Best WiFi spots to work from in Chiang Mai

With it's fast and reliable internet, low costs and generally high standard facilities, Chiang Mai has become the Digital Nomad capital of the world. But not everyone like to work from their hotel room every day, which is why we've put together

Food and Dining

Best Pad Thai in Chiang Mai!

It'd be hard to find someone who doesn't like Thai food, and the best place to eat it is by no doubt in Thailand. But some times, even an experienced explorer discovers a place that has the best of the best. Samuel and Audrey who runs the

Food and Dining

Hands of Steel Fries Chicken in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is known for a lot of things, like elephands and tigers. But if you're up for a genuine WTF experience, look no further. This gentleman holds the Guinness World Record for picking out chicken from frying oil with his bare (iron) hands!

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